About us

Executive Spas is a family-run company, with a focus on providing good quality, affordable spa hot tub solutions to the leisure industry, holiday parks and individual customers. We have built our success on core values of quality, innovation, customer service and aftercare.

No matter how many seats you are looking for, or your budget, we can talk you through the options available. With over 20 different types and sizes to choose from we’re sure we won’t disappoint! You can control your hot tub or swim spa from a touch of a button with our touch screen control, smartphone apps and there are lots of additional features available such as LED mood lighting.
Our award winning hot-tubs, saunas, spas and whirlpool baths are constantly praised in WhatSpa magazine, and we can even help with barbeque solutions, taking complete care of your outdoor environment in your holiday home, home, park or leisure venue.

We work closely with parks and accommodation businesses with holiday lets looking for a workable hot tub solution, and can advise on HSG282 compliance issues to make sure that it adds real rental appeal without worry. All that is backed up by competitive pricing, reliability of service and warranty support for peace of mind. We also stock a range of accessories, chemicals and filters, so whatever your hot-tub spa need, we’re a one stop shop! Add nationwide coverage, a great understanding of the needs of holiday home customers and park groups, export on selected models and we have it covered.


If you think a spa hot tub is a bit of a luxury you will undoubtedly find it’s the best investment in your health and wellbeing you’ve ever made, and here’s why! 

Muscular therapy - the movement of the water minimises aches and soreness, easing arthritic pain
Stress relief – when you’re stressed and your muscles can tensed you may experience headaches and fatigue. Not only can a spa ease those taut muscles, but it can can energise you in a restful way too.
Better sleep – when your body and mind is relaxed you’ll sleep better, simple!
Quality of life and productivity - Adding a spa or hot-tub dip to your regular daily programme can help you unwind and re-energise properly for the following day, which means you’ll be ready to hit it head on!
Lower blood pressure and diabetic sugar levels – taking a dip in a hot-tub can have the same effects as gentle exercise, but it puts no pressure on your system, so it can bring your blood pressure down. Studies have shown that those living with type 2 diabetes who soak in a hot tub daily for a continuous spell experience a considerable reduction in blood sugar levels!
Feel alive! – Sitting out in a hot-tub enjoying starry nights, a good view, falling snow, warming sunshine and changing seasons can make you feel more connected and alive, giving you the time to appreciate every moment.
Time together – It’s a great way to spend quality time with those you love, and your state of relaxation means you can enjoy more meaningful conversations.
Weight loss – This one is mainly connected with stress, which can affect your body’s hormones considerably. When soaking in hot water your muscles relax and your breathing slows, reducing your cortisol levels – the stress hormone which makes you crave all the wrong foods!


Constructed to the highest standards, they offer practical and durable design, and are easy to assemble and operate. With energy efficient operation and accessible prices they’re much less expensive than you might think!


With a sauna you’ll most of same health and wellbeing benefits as a hot tub spa, and a few more! 

Skin detox – Bathing in heat is one of the oldest health strategies for cleansing the skin. With a sauna, the body produces sweat which deep cleansing, rinsing bacteria out of sweat ducts and pores in the skin, sweeping away dead skin cells and improving capillary circulation, leaving the skin soft and refreshed.
Improved cardiovascular performance – In higher temperatures core body temperature also rises, and in response the blood vessels near the skin dilate and cardiac output increases. The heart rate here can rise slightly, then sink to a little below normal after cooling off, so the body’s regulatory system kicks into action getting a gentle work out.
Weight loss – Sweating burns a good amount of energy – as heart activity increases steadily the body demands more oxygen. The body then needs more energy, which comes from fat and carbohydrates in a process that burns calories.

Combating illness

As the body is exposed to the heat of steam and a sauna, it produces white blood cells more rapidly, which can help kill viruses. The steam can also relieve congestive symptoms from colds, allergies or asthma too.

We predict that with all these health benefits, in the future many more homes will have a hot tub spa or sauna, so why deprive yourself – you could be enjoying the benefits now!